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Getaway and Find Yourself
Thursday, January 31, 2013 • Posted February 1, 2013

Top 10 Signs You Need A Spa Appointment

Going to a spa isn’t an indulgence; it’s a coping mechanism!

Is your list of guilty pleasures topped with a spa getaway,but your convienced that you can’t

afford it or don’t deserve it? You can and you do!

Save money by shopping local, schedule during the off season -when rates are lowest. Better yet why not suggest your gift impaired friends or familyto treat you to a spa certificate.

Don’t over think it, especially if you exhibit any of these “classic spa-deficiency signs.”

1)You’re always tuned in, switched on, and connected.

When was the last time or switched off your smartphone? Never? Not very definately need some time away from it and all your other digital devices. Swap the electronic buzz for the spa’s soft lights, calming music, and aromatherapy.

2) ”Not tonight Honey”is heard more in your bedroom than in Jay Leno’s monologue.

Women often feel to tired, depressed, or bloated to be sexy. Pampering spa treatments can leave you feeling energized, happier, thinner, with much smoother skin. Massage boosts endorphins, increasing Serotonin and promotes the release of toxins that can cause fluid retention, while soothing facials and Dead sea salt scrubs leaves skin clear and sleek. Hello Sexy!

3) You are a caretaker for loved ones.

The role is significate and rewarding but it also depletes your energy and emotional reserves. Don’t ignore your own needs .Give yourself permission to restore and renew. With a little TLC you will be better equipt to help those around you.

4)Your stress level is off the charts.

If stress has your muscles knotted with tension, it’s time to make a spa reservation. Hydrotherapy and special massages can actually lower blood pressure and improve circulation. DE-STRESS for SUCCESS!

5)You feel about as active as a door knob...only less shiny. There is a reason your best ideas come to you during a shower. No distractions! Imagine the insight you would have if you truly get away from it all. The mud and seaweed wraps and whilpool rooms and massage can fuel creativity for you.

6) You can catch every virus in a 5 mile radius. Studies show that massage increases your body’s immune response. Many spas feature immunity boosting treatments and target therapies such as lymphatic massage, and don’t discount the psychological benifits from simply being touched and pampered.

7)Your beauty routine is in a rut. Too many women haven’t changed skincare or makeup techniques in decades. The experts at your spa can give you an updated, fresh new look and suggest anti-aging products that can help avoid expensive treatments later .

8)You need some quality time with (mother, daughter, sister, spouse, etc.) Many spas offer special rates for families or groups. Better yet at this gathering there is NO dishes! Most spas have couples rooms where you can share soothing spa treatments alongside your partner.

9)You need to rediscover your TRUE self . Too often we identify ourselves with our jobs or relationships to people around us. Spa time gives a chance to remember who you are. Relax as you become aquanted with your authentic self. You’ll emerge renewed and rejuvinated.

10)You have forgotten how to live in the moment. Life is sweet, precious and fleeting . It’s far to easy to ignore the beauty around you as you hurry to the next task or event. Let the take away from your spa visit be to stop and savor the moment more often.

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